AirTECH Filters

RAM AirTECH Filters: Eliminate Odours, Empower Your Grow

Professional growers know – odour control is essential. RAM AirTECH Filters are the silent warriors of your extraction system, working tirelessly to remove unwanted grow room smells before they escape.

Unleash the Power of Odourless Extraction:

  • Australian Activated Carbon: Premium, machine-packed carbon delivers superior odour absorption for a truly fresh environment.
  • Impressive Airflow: Maintain optimal air circulation within your grow room without sacrificing odour control.
  • Long-Lasting Performance:
    • Superior Compaction: Machine-packed carbon and an Acoustafoam ring ensure long-lasting odour removal and peak filtration.
    • Rugged Zintec Construction: Built to withstand the demanding grow environment.
    • Washable Pre-Filter: Traps dust particles, extending the life of your main odour-fighting filter.
  • Perfect Match for Your Fans: Our filters come in a variety of sizes to seamlessly integrate with your existing ventilation system.
Filter sizeMaximum recommended fan flow rate
150/660 (6”)1150m3/h
200/660 (8”)1350m3/h
250/660 (10”)2000m3/h
250/1000 (10”)3100m3/h
315/660 (12”)2450m3/h
315/1000 (12”)3600m3/h
315/1200 (12”)4250m3/h

Affordable Odour Control for Professionals:

At RAM AirTECH, we understand the importance of value for professional growers. Our filters offer premium odour removal at a competitive price point, so you can focus on maximizing your harvest, not your expenses.

Invest in RAM AirTECH Filters today and create a discreet, odour-free grow environment!

For more information on filter sizing and pairing with your fans, check out the FAQs in the Advice section!

Experience the RAM AirTECH difference!