EC Silenced Fans 9 April 2021

The RAM EC Silenced Fan has exceptional air volume output and emits an incredibly low noise levels for its airflow rating. It uses a quarter of the powers of a traditional AC duct fan. The Silenced Fan offers- • A multi-phase EC fan motor • 50 mm of insulating rockwool • Soft-start circularity resulting in […]

Oscillating Multi Fan 17 April 2020

A versatile fan with multiple applications. Includes multiple clip styles meaning this fan can stand on flat surfaces, hang from a suitable wall screw (not included), clip to a horizontal object, or hang from vertical poles (16-25 mm diameter). The Oscillating Multi Fan has 2 speed settings and includes a 1.4 m power cable.

Heavy Duty Pedestal Fan

The 450mm Heavy Duty Pedestal Fan (18”) is a sturdy and reliable fan perfect for a larger grow room. The fan offers great power output meaning it can cool down and grow room quickly, for when you need a fast cooling effect. Key features: Quiet operation means less noise in your grow room Large 450mm […]

Heavy Duty Wall Fan

The 450mm Heavy Duty Wall Fan (18″) – 3 Speed helps increase the air flow within the grow room without taking up any space, due to its sturdy wall mountable design. The fan is equipped with an oscillating function, allowing the fan to distribute large amounts of air consistently through the grow room, with the […]

Floor Air Circulator 23 June 2016 Pedestal Fan 21 April 2016 Clip-On Fans Wall Fans Eco Fan

This compact 12” fan is ideal for a space-conscious grower, its narrow design makes it ideal to fit into a grow room or grow tent providing excellent air circulation. The Eco Fan which is also known as a Louver Fan or a Box Fan, features a louver setting which moves the air in all directions […]